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Fuzhou Wanjia Clothing Co.,Ltd.entered into the industry of Rainwear and Workwear outdoor wear as a ture manufacturer over decades.

Over the years,we have built up extremely solid experience in sourcing and producing.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to actively pursue continued growth and close control over the products ranges and offer you stylish,highquality,attractively-priced products,which meet the demand of our customers and which comply with different standards,especially European standard.

We have also successfully entered into producing outdoor wears,body warm-wears,for example,everyday jacket,everyday pant,skiwear and so on for those wellknow brands.


Softshell: Product Features
100% polyester,with or without TPU film,waterproof,breathable,lightweight,stylish,provide a warm,dry and fitting experience.


Rainwear Series: Product features
Stretchable PU,PVC,EVA,all seams welded for heavy rain/water protection.With or without printing, 100% waterproof.With or without lining,enjoy the rainy and cold weather,including jackets/pants/bib-pants/ponchos.


Work wears: Features
Hi-Vi PU,or Non Hi-Vi PU,breathable or non breathable,with or without lining.Provide a good working situation for both work and safely,meet En471,En343,EM531,En533,Keep personal safety,dry,and confortable and warm as well, including jackets/pants/overall/bib-pant/padded parka.


Outdoor wears: Product features
100%Nylon,100%Polyester,functional coating,Padded or without,waterproof, breathable or non-breathable, all seams taped for a outdoor casual activity such Ski,sports,pursue a comfortable performance and casual and fashion.


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ADD: Wanjia Building,No.12,Jiankang Village,Xindian,Fuzhou,

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